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The Towers in Which No One Ever Sleeps

Project by Polygence alum Sue-Leena Helene

The Towers in Which No One Ever Sleeps

Project's result

Wrote a story in English for the first time and published that story on a blog for the first time

They started it from zero. Are you ready to level up with us?


The main question of my project was how to create and present a time-based narrative using a blog. The goal was to understand the writing process in another language (English) and find visual elements to support the message of the text. The main themes of my story are self-expression, freedom, and imagination. In fact, in “The Towers in Which No One Ever Sleeps”, the narrator is struggling to thrive in an environment that limits all forms of individuality. They grasp any small instances, focus on every detail, every encounter, in an attempt to give meaning to the monotony of their days. This is the story of an individual like any other, trying to make the best of their situation.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Literature, Arts, Languages


Art History, French and Francophone literature and poetry, English literature, Cultural Studies, Sensory Studies, Creative Writing

Sue-Leena Helene

Sue-Leena Helene




Graduation Year


Project review

“I was expecting my mentor to be an expert in my field, but I hadn't imagined she would share the same interests as me and understand me so well.”

About my mentor

“She was very helpful. We brainstormed together, she helped me question my writing, and she provided useful information when I had questions about how to do something. For example, when I needed to voice the thoughts of multiple characters at once, she helped me understand that I didn't necessarily need to forget my voice as a writer.”