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"The neurodevelopmental etiology of mental disorders among adolescents impacted by physical abuse and neglect"

Project by Polygence alum Dextrius

"The neurodevelopmental etiology of mental disorders among adolescents impacted by physical abuse and neglect"

Project's result

This paper is in the process of being published

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There is an established connection between Adverse Childhood Experiences and the development of behavioral disorders, but the explanation of how these experiences affect neurodevelopment is relatively lacking. The objective of this project is to further understand the relationship between Childhood Abuse and the neurological development of the brain specifically citing neglect and physical abuse during the period of adolescence (12-17). In this manuscript the adverse effects of  adolescent neglect and physical abuse is dissected, discussing the structural and biochemical changes of the brain as a result of potentially traumatic experiences (PTE). This review dissects how adolescent brains react to adverse experiences including physical abuse and neglect. This research begins with a background on the formal operational stage of development specifically connecting brain development as well as the development of social identity. Further the paper uses the previous description to explain the impact of stress response in the adolescent brain identifying possible preemptive measures for ACES and remedial treatments



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Psychology, Neuroscience


Clinical psychology, clinical science, neuropsychology, emotion regulation, psychopathology





Harris County High School

Graduation Year


Project review

“My mentor Roland greatly exceeded any expectations I had of this program. HE not only challenged my on a scientific level but he gave me new things to consider every time we met and pushed me to ask questions and find new answers. ”

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“Roland was vital in this entire process. He was there to answer any question I had and provide numerous examples, critique and review on my work. He helped me develop my professional voice and I always had fun learning from him. ”