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Humboldt Universität, Gastwissenschaftlerin - Fulbright Research Scholar
Project description

I read Greek inspired novels and plays and analyzed them. Then I wrote of what I thought of the writings, and reviewed them. I have read Medea, Circe, and the Song of Achilles with my mentor. I have also used many literary skills to devise this book review.

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Project outcome

I was honestly surprised on how my project turned out to be. I thought the outcome was going to be different and that it wouldn't be as big and epic as it is now. I am glad that Sarah helped me throughout this process.

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Student review

My Polygence experience has been great! I had fun on this journey with my mentor and wish I had more time with her. I believe the most valuable part of the program was earning a better understanding of the world we live in now. Many of the main themes that I have seen in the novels and plays I have read, exists in the world now and helps me gain a perspective on how to view the world and everyone in it.

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