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Developing a Wearable Device that can Monitor the Onset of Covid-19

Project by Polygence alum Sameen

Developing a Wearable Device that can Monitor the Onset of Covid-19

Project's result

I created a prototype of the device to test some of its features. I also wrote a proof of concept research paper over my findings. I hope to publish my research paper in high school journals!

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Over the course of the pandemic, hospitals nationwide have spent more than $3 billion on personal protective equipment (PPE) for both workers and patients alike, imposing a serious financial strain. Also, disposing of PPE creates waste that significantly pollutes the environment. Wearable devices have been developed to decrease the necessity of PPE as an alternative to recording vital signs; however, they are susceptible to flawed readings and don’t perform equally well on all individuals. Here, I investigated creating a wearable device that could autonomously measure the vital signs that are largely indicative of the onset of Covid-19. The device is a wrist and finger monitor capable of recording the heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and temperature of patients in a non-invasive manner. The device is constructed by connecting a MAX30102 and MCP9808 sensors to an Arduino Uno. After future developments, it would record the data in a web application for workers to monitor, which could easily be shared through a Bluetooth connection. These sensors would also be linked to an OLED display and an HC-05 Bluetooth module to present and store the updated readings. This device holds prospects for significantly reducing the costs of supply chain goods for hospitals so that more funds can be allocated toward research. It’ll also aid in reducing the ecological footprint of hospitals across the world. The device would be easily accessible to low-income communities, lessening the health crisis in developing and underdeveloped nations.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy


Quantitative, Biology, Engineering, Computer Science


3D bioprinting, biophysics, tissue engineering,




Hello! My name is Sameen and I hope to pursue mechanical engineering with a concentration in biomedical devices in college. I'm also interested in robotics, artificial intelligence, and genetic engineering. My Polygence project is on developing a finger and heart rate monitor that can measure heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and body temperature. I chose to work on this project because my aunt, who is a nurse, once told me how she struggled with the depletion of personal protective equipment at her hospital especially due to Covid-19. I was able to make progress in starting up my project, but hope to continue even afterwards! A fun fact about me is that like I like to sew, play the piano, and watch anime in my spare time!


Brighter Horizons Academy

Graduation Year


Project review

“The aspects that met my expectations were the organization of the program and the involvement/support that I received from my mentor.”

About my mentor

“In the beginning, my mentor was incredibly helpful in brainstorming project ideas and narrowing down my list by considering practical logistics. He raised important questions that guided my learning. When I faced programming issues with my electronics, I was able to screen share my code and my mentor was able to look over it and explain the finer details of what was happening. He was fully invested in the project as much as I was, and put as much effort into supporting my journey throughout.”