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Comparing Stress in Neurotypical People and People with ASD in Terms of the Pandemic

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Project description

This research paper explores autistic spectrum disorder and neurotypical behaviors. The paper discusses symptoms of autism and different levels of this condition before going on to report this in terms of stress for people with autistic spectrum disorder. After having laid out how stress presents itself in people with ASD, there is research and studies discussing stress in neurotypical people. These two types of stress are compared in terms of the emotional and physical symptoms. Lastly, the article discusses a survey specifically designed for the paper and its results, coming to conclusions about stress for autistic people during the pandemic ultimately being worsened.

Comparing Stress in Neurotypical People and People with ASD in Terms of the Pandemic
Project outcome

My proect aimed to compare how stress present itself in people with autistic spectrum disorder versus how these behaviors change in neurotypical people. Once discovering this, my project focused on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected stress for neruodiverse in contrast to neruotypical people.

PhD Doctor of Philosophy
Psychology, Neuroscience
psychology, neuroscience
Mentor review

Yes, he was very helpful and accommodating throughout the entire experience.

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