Exploring 19th Century Fashion Design

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Project description

In this project, the student investigated fashion styles from the 1850s-1890s. She learned to create technical drawings of historical garments, an essential skill for costume designers of period shows. The student also conducted extensive historical research into the specific materials that were used in historical garments and how to source these for reproductions.

Exploring 19th Century Fashion Design
Project outcome

The student designed a set of costumes based on her research into 19th century fashion trends.

Student background

15-year old from Danville, CA.

Student review

"10/10. I was already certain I wanted to go into a creative career, but this course has made me consolidate what I want to learn about in college. My mentor and I covered a wide range of topics, and I was able to spend more time on the ones I found most interesting. My mentor was collaborative, and she helped me learn so much more. Not only did I learn about the topic, but I developed tools to continue my learning into other time periods which is very valuable to me."

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