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Neutron-Rich Isotopes & the Boundaries of Nuclear Physics

Project by Polygence alum Rory

Neutron-Rich Isotopes & the Boundaries of Nuclear Physics

Project's result

Presented at the Symposium of Rising Scholars, Published in Curieux Academic Journal

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Neutron-rich isotopes are extremely important for the improved understanding of nuclear structure and reactions. The neutron drip line has currently not been probed past a proton number of 8, and knowledge of where it lies helps answer the question of what combinations of nucleons can form a stable nucleus. Neutron-rich nuclei form exotic structures such as neutron skins and halos, and are not accurately described by current models such as the shell model. The improvement of current models and development of new models for describing the behavior of neutron-rich nuclei is essential for the field of nuclear physics. In my review paper, I will investigate our current knowledge about how nuclei are organized, what nucleon combinations can form a bound nucleus, and how those properties relate to structure and dynamical phenomena in the universe.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Computer Science, Physics


Nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics, particle physics, compact objects (neutron stars, black holes etc), data analytics, AI/ML




Hi! I'm Rory Akin, and my project is on neutron-rich isotopes. I've been very interested in nuclear physics, and this is an amazing opportunity to learn more! After this project, I hope to continue learning and expanding my knowledge.

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