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Nuclear Science Advocacy

Project by Polygence alum Taya

Nuclear Science Advocacy

Project's result

My outcome was a successful blog website and LinkedIn page that promotes nuclear science and discusses world issues related to nuclear.

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My project is a blog and experiment portfolio that details digestible nuclear science information that helps break down its stigma. My first experiment documented is turning a condenser microphone into an alpha radiation detector.



Polygence mentor

MSE Master of Science in Engineering


Engineering, Physics


Physics, Robotics, Nuclear Physics Fission/Fusion Energy, Clean Energy, Environmental Science, Nuclear Security, Global Security Questions in Artificial Intelligence/Policy, Nuclear Weapons, Fintech / Finance




Hello, my name is Taya Martinez, and I am a high school student in North Texas. I am passionate about nuclear science, and I want to share my passion with others by breaking down the stigma of how we view crucial climate and energy crisis solutions like nuclear energy. My project is creating and sharing a blog and small research portfolio for accessible nuclear experiments and applications at home.


John H. Guyer High School

Graduation Year


About my mentor

“She was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. She provided me with many resources I used for my research.”