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What are the roles of genetics, environmental factors, and psychology in athletic performance-related traits?

Project by Polygence alum Rishika

What are the roles of genetics, environmental factors, and psychology in athletic performance-related traits?

Project's result

This review paper can help us expand the complex interaction of all things that make up a great athlete, and how us how this shapes their capabilities and achievements.

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This research paper delves into the complex interaction between genetics, environmental influences, and psychological factors in shaping an athlete's capabilities and achievements. Genetic factors have been a focal point in sports performance research, as they can influence an individual's characteristics, such as metabolic pathways, muscle fiber, height, and body composition. Advancements in genetic research have led to the discovery of certain gene variants associated with performance-related traits, but the interplay between genes and the environment remains intricate and multifaceted. In parallel, the significance of the environment in molding athletic ability cannot be understated. Factors such as access to quality coaching, training facilities, and socio-economic background all play pivotal roles in nurturing talent and optimizing performance. Lifestyle choices, nutrition, and exposure to sports at an early age can significantly impact an athlete's trajectory. Beyond the realm of the physical, the psychological aspect of sports performance is equally vital. The human mind's intricacies can often determine the difference between victory and defeat. Confidence, mental resilience, focus, and the ability to manage pressure are just a few of the psychological factors that can tip the scales in a competitive setting. Therefore, this paper aims to evaluate the roles played by genetics, environment, and psychology in shaping athletic performance-related traits



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate




Gene therapy, Organ-on-chip, regenerative medicine, precision medicine, molecular biology, immunology, microbiology, biomaterials, tissue engineering




Hi! My name is Rishika Rastogi, and my Polygence project is on the role of genetics, environmental factors, and psychology on elite athletes and their performance capabilities. I chose this topic as research on elite athletes can have broader implications for our understanding of human potential, health, and well-being. Findings from this project could influence various fields beyond sports, including medicine and social science. Plus, unraveling this view of athletic capabilities acknowledges the complexity of the human performance. Elite athletes' success is rarely attributed to a single factor, but rather the interplay of multiple influences. This project allows for a holistic understanding of that athletic excellence.

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