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CRISPR-based therapeutic targeting of ADHD

Project by Polygence alum Maria

CRISPR-based therapeutic targeting of ADHD

Project's result

The project will be published in the International Youth Neuroscience Association; will be presented on the symposium and other STEM conferences.

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According to scientists, ADHD is a complicated condition that likely involves at least two genes. Hence the genetic linkage, CRISPR can be a potential cure for treating the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In most cases, it's believed that the genes you acquire from your parents play a key role in developing the disorder because ADHD tends to run in families. According to research, those with ADHD are more likely to have parents or siblings who also have the disorder. It is also thought that non-genetic factors including aberrant brain development, brain damage, or environmental factors may contribute to the illness. Children with ADHD are too impulsive, restless, and easily distracted, and they struggle both at home and at school. For now MIT research suggests that treating ADHD with gene therapy and CRISPR may be possible. Besides all, there are still ethical issues researchers face, whilst using CRISPR technologies. The purpose of this research review paper is to report on the newest updates regarding the usage of CRISPR/Cas9 in the treatment of ADHD.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Medicine, Biology


Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Mechanisms, Microbiology, Immunology, Microbiome




Hello! My name is Maria and I am from Warsaw Poland. I am working on a project relating to CRISPR and ADHD, since I am interested in CRISPR and its potential in being the potential cure for mental health disorders. After I finish my project I would like to participate in the Polygence symposium, submit my research to high school research journals and work on more research relating to CRISPR!


Akademeia High School

Graduation Year