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Blog Posts on Anxiety and Stress in Teenagers

Project by Polygence alum Devan


Project's result

Devan created a series of blog posts that tackled different aspects of anxiety and depression in teenagers.

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For some time, Devan had been noticing how stressed and anxious teenagers could be. It seemed that anxiety in teenagers was on the upswing, even before the pandemic. For his Polygence project, Devan chose to explore why this was the case. After reading countless research papers, he carefully crafted six blog posts: Positives of Stress, Early Risk Factors, Neuroimaging, COVID-19, Neurobiology, and Anxiety in Females vs Males. His main goal for these blog posts was to learn why anxiety was so prevalent in adolescents and to make the information he learned accessible to the wider public.



Polygence mentor

Industry expert




Applications of neuroimaging in understanding neurocognitive disorders, end-of-life care (i.e. hospice care), learning (from a neurobiological perspective), memory, the intersection of science and society (i.e. topics like nature vs. nurture)




Devan is a 17 year-old high school student from Mountain View, CA.


Mountain View High School

Project review

“The overall experience was great, I had a wonderful mentor who had the same interests as me and we got to talk about not only the project but got to connect with each other one-on-one. During my sessions, I got to learn how to read higher-level research papers and be able to analyze data more effectively.”