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How can AI be utilized to standardize ballet teaching?

Project by Polygence alum Priyanka

How can AI be utilized to standardize ballet teaching?

Project's result

Priyanka's paper was accepted for publication at the Journal of Student Research and The Research Archive of Rising Scholars. She also presented her work at The Symposium of Rising Scholars.

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Ballet teaching is and has been historically passed down from teacher to student, with little standardization across different schools. This variation can cause differences in technique and skill level among many different dancers. This paper seeks to evaluate the ways that Artificial Intelligence can be utilized to standardize ballet teaching. This paper includes and summarizes papers and research on the effects of AI on different skill levels, such as people with special educational needs and college dance students. This paper evaluates studies on online dance teachers that use AI to create and improve dance. We conclude that AI is beneficial in complementing the teacher's instruction to give feedback.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Psychology, Social Science, Computer Science


human-computer interaction, social media, tech ethics, AI ethics, privacy, UX design, computer science, social psychology, cognitive psychology




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