Research Paper On Fossil Fuels

PhD Doctor of Philosophy
Politics, Economics, Social Sciences
Economics, Statistics
Project description

Krishang's paper evaluates the many possible outcomes of the global shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. It takes into account developments made in renewable energy and those in fossil fuel extraction, comparative advantages, cost-effectiveness, and more. It offers grounded insights into global policies on energy prediction from fossil fuels, continuing challenges in the use of renewable energy production, and significant negative externalities of fossil fuels that remain to be addressed. At its core, the paper seeks to determine whether in the future , fossil fuels indeed would no longer be a part of resources used as an energy source. Krishang's paper offers a non-traditional, even contrarian, take on the topic: acknowledging that the world's dependency on fossil fuels may be unlikely to disappear any time soon, but the dominant argument of economic feasibility would be countered with policy actions, such as the implementation of a unified carbon tax solution to meet global targets of reduced carbon emissions.

Research Paper On Fossil Fuels
Project outcome

Krishang's research paper is now published!

Read his research paper!
Student background

Krishang is a 17 year old high school student from Kolkata, West Bengal.

Student review

Professor Miron helped me to contextualize arguments and incorporate different ends of a spectrum of viewpoints in the same argument. He also helped me to identify key research areas and evaluate certain pieces of literature. Apart from the paper, Professor Miron suggested some books based on my interest in the capital markets , and this helped me develop my knowledge in this field.

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