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How can we get the youth in Portland to be more politically engaged?

Project by Polygence alum Zahreeyat

How can we get the youth in Portland to be more politically engaged?

Project's result

A website used to benefit our political knowledge and engagement.

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How can we get the youth in Portland to be more politically engaged? In this project, I have designed a website targeted towards the youth of Oregon. According to the United States Census, 18-29year-olds account for nearly 22 percent of the voting-age population, and are also the least interactive voting age demographic. This website provides them with easier access to government/community resources, and pushes them to be more active in their political community by providing a break down ifthe usage of these resources. In general, young people are less politically engaged than older people. The youth of Portland follow this trend—they tend to be less engaged in their political community due to the struggles of not understanding how to use their resources and being disengaged with their city’s politics. My website provides an easy to follow guide on how to use and access city resources, unbiased information, and ways to get involved in their community. For example, the website delves into what a council agenda is, and its items. In my process of making this website, I will curated information from sources like the Portland government website, the Oregon legislature website, academic articles, other government resources, encyclopedias, and podcasts. PDX Future Voters provides all with a basic understanding of government terminology and proceedings, as well as Oregon and Portland specific knowledge.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Social Science


Ethics and Public Policy; Political Theory; American Politics; Law




Hello! My name is Zahra (Zahreeyat) Hasan, and my project is about working to create an increase in knowledge around our government and improve civic engagement amongst youth. I chose to work on this project to inform and engage a younger audience who might be unaware of their political world and what to do about it. After completing my project, I will continue to follow through with it and build off of the new research and opportunities it brings me.

Graduation Year


Project review

“The journey of my project took about 8 months to complete. Throughout my project I experienced a lot of support and guidance, while also feeling my own personal growth being fostered. I have valued those 8 months greatly, and they have helped me to create a change and prove my dedication to giving back to my community.”

About my mentor

“My experience with Sam was nothing short of excellent. She was continuously intelligent and was able to guide my understanding as opposed to doing the work for me, or leaving me clueless. She was able to apply herself to my research even though it contained information that was specific to my state. Sam was a large benefitting factor to my positive experience with Polygence.”