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The impact of the Sri Lanka Civil War on Economic Outcomes

Project by Polygence alum Sanjith

The impact of the Sri Lanka Civil War on Economic Outcomes

Project's result

Sanjith wrote a Research Paper & presented his work at the Symposium of Rising Scholars

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The infamous rebel group LTTE and the government of Sri Lanka fought a protracted and deadly civil war from 1983 to 2009, primarily in response to the minority Tamil people's demand for their own state, termed Eelam. This literature review dives into the academic work that has been done around this subject. We attempt to clarify the academic work relating to the direct and indirect consequences of the conflict on important economic characteristics, including as GDP growth, tourism, investment, and poverty levels, by synthesizing historical data, economic indicators, and post-war trends. The research's conclusions add to our understanding of the complex relationship between conflict and economic results by highlighting the chances and problems that follow protracted internal conflict. The study intends to contribute to the creation of effective policies for conflict-affected regions worldwide and to larger discussions on post-conflict economic recovery by offering insights into the Sri Lankan context.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Business, Social Science, Quantitative


Economics, with a focus on public policy, healthcare, development and Innovation.




Hi there, I'm Sanjith. I joined the military in 2023 after receiving my IBDP Diploma. Because the majority of media sources failed to disclose the seriousness of the conflict, I decided to conduct a research paper on the Sri Lankan Civil War. I'm appreciative of the chance polygence has provided me and would like to join the symposium of rising researchers and submit my work as a case study.

Graduation Year