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American Sign Language Reader

Project by Polygence alum Pranav

American Sign Language Reader

Project's result

I created a Transformer model that can understand American Sign Language and translate it to English.

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This experience-oriented project intends to allow the student to experience the workflow of a computer vision/ classification project with machine learning. This project is to complete a Kaggle competition that leverages machine learning to help hearing-impacted communities better communicate with people outside of the community. The project will use machine learning to interpret American sign language into English phrases so that it builds a bridge to connect the hearing-impacted community to other communities.



Polygence mentor

MS Master of Science


Computer Science


Applied Machine Learning, AI (Computer Vision), Python GameDev, WebDev, Data Analysis, SoftwareDev




Hi! My name is Pranav Bhramasandra, and my project is centered around the use of Artificial Intelligence and Sign Language where I used a Transformer model to interpret ASL. I chose this project after I was inspired by the idea of being able to connect the verbal and non-verbal communities together. In the future, I hope my model can be used in a classroom to help someone make friends and communicate more easily.

Graduation Year


Project review

“I think the speed of response was really fast, and I like the interface for the messages.”

About my mentor

“My mentor helped me a lot and recognized the time constraints we were under, so he adjusted the project accordingly.”