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Determining Financial Penalties for Banking Violations

Project by Polygence alum Seberina

Determining Financial Penalties for Banking Violations

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I'm researching the factors and methods used to determine financial penalties against financial institutions that violate the law, looking at cases involving big banks, such as Wells Fargo, Worldcom, HSBC, and BNYM. I'm planning on reviewing cases via government and media reports, and interviewing experts in the area of bank regulation, to gather data. My final project will consist of a written report based on the research that I've gathered, and the report will discuss the history of banking regulation, current frameworks, and recommendations to improve these frameworks.

More things included in the report talk about the information and laws said within each cases, that will be needed to understand in order to know what each case has dealt with. There is also a recommendation section where improvements within the businesses could be made, such as AI, mandatory reporters, and more.



Polygence mentor

JD Juris Doctorate


Social Science, Business


Law, Public Policy, Politics, and Criminal Justice




Hello, my name is Seberina and my Polygence project is related to federal government, corporation crimes/fraud, and others yet to come. I chose to work on this project because I wanted to increase my understanding of the U.S. government and their laws and see what I could learn through doing this project. After my project is complete, I might want to showcase it, or work on other projects with Polygence in the future.

Graduation Year


Project review

“Exceeded, I wanted to learn about crime and the law in general but actually dug deeper into a part of law that was more complex. Exceeded, I thought I'd be writing at most a 5 paper report, but managed to write 11 pages.”

About my mentor

“Provided me with a lot of information, was happy and knowledgeable about answering my questions, and was great at being a mentor!”