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The effects of anxiety on children and learning

Project by Polygence alum Lili

The effects of anxiety on children and learning

Project's result

I completed a literature review covering the topics of different childhood anxiety disorders, media exposure as a cause and explored traditional and innovative treatment options.

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Anxiety has extensive effects on a person’s daily life. The impact of anxiety on children and adolescents needs to be examined in order to better understand the influence that mental health disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder, separation anxiety, and social anxiety, have on the abilities and skill development of children. The aim of this review is to provide an overview of the causes and development of anxiety during the early stages of life, focusing on the role of fear and increased media exposure in these processes. Additionally, the effects that anxiety has on learning, explicitly in school, as well as potential solutions for this heightened problem, are further investigated. Lastly, new and innovative treatments for stress-related mental health disorders, such as Ketamine IV for anxiety relief, are discussed.



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My name is Lili and my project is a research paper on the effects of anxiety on children and learning. After my project, I am looking forward to keep learning more about psychology! :)


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“I am really happy about the match with my mentor. That was one aspect that I was worried about and I am glad I was pleasantly surprised. Also, I was really happy I got to take part in the Symposium. ”

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“My mentor was very understanding and I really appreciated that. Also, she provided many resources and answered all of the questions I had. ”