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Research Paper on Rising Global Temperatures and Increased Forest Fires

Project by Polygence alum Connor

Research Paper on Rising Global Temperatures and Increased Forest Fires

Project's result

Connor wrote a paper and published it on the website, Overleaf.

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In his paper, Connor explores the relationship between rising temperatures and forest fires across the US using historical data. By using historical data, he is able to determine the overall change of temperature throughout the years and how it has affected forest fires, either increasing or decreasing the number of forest fires that are caused. He hypothesizes that due to global temperatures increasing, forest fires have become much more common. Connor and his mentor worked together to analyze data in R in order to understand the relationship between the two and create visuals conveying their results.



Polygence mentor

MS Master of Science


Computer Science, Quantitative


Analytics, Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Economics, Econometrics, Business, Statistical Programming, Geospatial Analytics




Connor is a 16 year-old high schooler from Saratoga, CA


Binghuan Connor Lee

Graduation Year


Project review

“I am very thankful for my mentor as he gave me lots of freedom and guided me well throughout the project.”