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Resilience: Its Importance and Relationship with Cortisol

Project by Polygence alum Aarya

Resilience: Its Importance and Relationship with Cortisol

Project's result

Aarya is currently in the process of sending her review paper out to journals and publications to get published.

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This review paper details the importance of resilience: “the capacity to “bend not break””, its relationship between cortisol levels and resilience, and coping strategies to increase resilience. Aarya starts the review paper with an introduction and describes what cortisol is and its significance. She then describes its connection to resilience and discusses prior research already done on the relationship. Lastly, she ends the review paper by describing techniques and strategies to cope and further increase resilience. Additionally, she highlights the overall importance of the paper by connecting it to large-scale problems, such as the state of mental health in the United States.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Neuroscience, Psychology


Neuropsychology; Clinical psychology; Aging; Alzheimer’s disease; Dementia; neuroimaging




Hi! My name is Aarya Bhushan and I’m a junior in high school. My Polygence project was about the importance of resilience, its relationship with cortisol levels, and coping strategies to increase resilience. This topic was really important to me because throughout my life so far, being resilient has been crucial for me. Additionally, I think people’s ability to be resilient affects their overall ability to deal with stress, and ultimately their mental health.

Graduation Year


About my mentor

“She was helpful in guiding the way to the project, and I appreciate how she had an open mind about my ideas.”