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How can self-driving technology be improved upon to make sure it can be safer for people to use?

Project by Polygence alum Rithvik

How can self-driving technology be improved upon to make sure it can be safer for people to use?

Project's result

Published a white-paper on V2V networks, created a product Autonet based on the research and got selected for top 30 projects in Blue Ocean Competition.

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Automating driving has been a technology that companies have been trying to develop for years, and they have also made great progress in the space. However, it is still an imperfect technology. There are situations encountered when driving on roads where computers do not know what to do or simply cannot react fast enough. This is why I propose a framework for a Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication system. All vehicles, regardless of their manufacturer, will be connected to this network, where they can share information via cellular networks. This information includes speed, acceleration rate, deceleration rate, and their position compared to other cars on the road. This information sharing between vehicles allows them to react to situations preemptively. For example, if a car was about to suddenly brake, it could send that information to the other cars in its vicinity, allowing all the cars to brake at the same time, preventing serious accidents. There are also use cases for the network in emergencies. For example, if an emergency vehicle is coming on a road, it can send information to other vehicles in the vicinity to make way for it. Law enforcement could also use this, with police officers, where they could force vehicles to pull over to the side of the road if they do not do so when asked. Also, communication does not have to be limited to between vehicles. Objects like stop lights could also communicate with the vehicles, making it much easier to manage traffic. The vehicles could also be sent information to reroute, like in the case of ongoing construction. Unlike the current V2X and V2V technologies currently being developed, this network relies on self-driving car technology, but at the same time provides an extra layer of security, making the technology safer to use.



Polygence mentor

MS Master of Science candidate


Engineering, Computer Science


Computer science, automotive software, web development,




Hi! My name is Rithvik Thummalapenta and my Polygence Project was about V2V Networks for Autonomous Vehicles


Reqelford International School

Graduation Year


Project review

“At Polygence I conducted research about V2V Networks and how they can help improve the system of self-driving cars. I published a paper on this research to JSR. This was my first research project and I got a lot of hands-on experience working with datasets and different aspects of the research.”

About my mentor

“My mentor was incredibly helpful and instrumental in completing the research on time by guiding me, answering my questions, and asking thought-provoking questions that I wouldn't have considered on my own.”