Type One Diabetes Management

Project by Polygence alum Eleni

Type One Diabetes Management

Project's result

This project has allowed me to enrich the public with the informational effects I have found on people with T1D. Many people don't know that these specific factors have any affect at all and by giving them valid evidence and ways to handle these effects allows them o better manage their diabetes. Another outcome of this paper and pamphlet is easily adaptable methods and ways of life for people to properly manage their diabetes and stabilize their health.

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The research project investigates the undiscussed effects that environmental factors can have on people with Type One Diabetes. These effects attain little attention from the public and the factors include heat, stress, alcohol, and sleep. I describe the reasoning for the effect of these factors, what exactly the effects are, and the best methods for handling them. In addition, I give some context into how this disease comes about, who is at the highest risk for developing this disease, and some of the potential risks of this disease. Furthermore, I go over the current treatment methods and provide plenty more management strategies to help reduce the effect of the various environmental factors I have listed. The pamphlet I have provided is a more efficient and simple infographic that will allow the public to easily access my findings.


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