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How can aerobic exercise and classical music improve long-term memory after the onset of anterograde amnesia?

Project by Polygence alum hope

What significant ways can aerobic exercise and classical music both support long-term memory improvement after the onset of anterograde amnesia?

Project's result

Hope recorded a podcast to share her findings.

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Anterograde amnesia is characterized by the inability to form new memories, particularly long-term memories of facts and episodes. Growing numbers of the next generation may have cognitive impairment that could develop to diseases such as dementia/Alzheimer’s, which are characterized by anterograde amnesia. Considering the advantages of music and exercise, which are available to people of all ages, we can take steps to prevent long-term memory decline by combining physical activity and music for better results. While several studies have demonstrated the benefits of aerobic exercise and classical music on cognitive performance in different species, their effects on human memory are inconsistent across studies. The duration of the effects of these interventions is also unclear. Furthermore, few studies have linked music and exercise in memory consolidation. For this project, my goal is to review research articles and compare the effects of music and exercise. I will focus on studies that test long term episodic memory and the role of brain regions such as the hippocampus and frontal cortex. I will identify the most beneficial therapeutic regimen of exercise and music for regulating long-term memory and relay this information via a podcast series.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy


Psychology, Neuroscience


systems neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, addiction, neurodegeneration, psychiatric disorders, MATLAB programming, biostatistics

Review of mentor

She expanded my knowledge on a lot of things throughout my project and provided me with helpful advice for future projects and research papers.




Hello! My name is Hope and my project focuses on the effects of physical activity and music on memory-loss. It is well known that both music and exercise considerably help memory, but the question is how long this benefit lasts when memory loss occurs. I wondered if combining these two exercises would boost their overall effectiveness.


manheim township high school

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Project review

Great mentor!