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Understanding the Role of Mitochondria in Neurological Disease

Project by Polygence alum Casurina

Understanding the Role of Mitochondria in Neurological Disease

Project's result

Mitochondria has a profound impact on human physiology as well as the society as a large. Mitochondrial diseases, particularly, neurological ones, have had a debilitating effect on human population for generations. Though such diseases are relatively rare compared to others, it still creates a lot of impact in terms of its severity. Since mitochondria is universal in all cells, it culminates into a widespread symptoms. A lot of research is currently going on in this field, but we are yet to find an ultimate cure.

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Casurina is very interested in mitochondria. She is especially interested in defects in mitochondria affect disease manifestations. She has written a review on the topic, including several specific examples. I have edited her paper over multiple rounds and helped her gain knowledge of the publishing process. She is now going to begin the publishing process on her own.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Medicine, Biology


Reproductive biology, cancer, cancer immunology, health disparities, biology, genetics, genomics, molecular biology





South Point High School

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“My mentor definitely helped me in writing my research paper and giving me useful suggestions regarding my writing style and content.”