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Get matched with an expert mentor and create a project as unique as you are.

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Mentored Research Projects

Get matched with an expert mentor to research any topic of your choice.

Your Outcome

Write a research paper, create an app, build a prototype, record a podcast - choose the outcome that excites you.

3-5 Hours/Week

Work on your project between each session to make progress based on your mentor’s advice.

Your Topic

Dive into any topic you're passionate about, or combine your passions into something truly unique.

10 Sessions

Hour-long one-on-one Zoom meetings with your mentor to discuss your progress, readings and get assignments.

3-6 Months

Program duration is flexible. You can put in more or less work as your schedule allows.

What is
Polygence Core?

Our most popular program! Take your one of a kind idea and bring it to life.

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All Polygence projects start with a great idea

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What field are you most interested in?

Tell us about 2-3 subjects or hobbies that you're passionate about. Please include any specifics about these subjects that you particularly enjoy.


What you'll learn

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Grow Your Expertise

Gain experience in your topic of choice, and deepen your subject matter expertise in critical concepts.

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Become a Researcher

Discover the research process and get a head start on the skills you’ll need to be successful in college.

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Stay Organized Like a Pro

Our project dashboard helps you practice and build organization, time management and communications skills.

What our students say about us

97% of Polygence students say the program met or exceeded their expectations


What is research and why research projects matter

Research is a deep dive into a subject and question you're curious about. From reading up and building upon previous work to experimenting and making your own discoveries, research is an impactful way to apply your intellectual curiosity - and the real-world benefits speak for themselves.

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Improved admissions odds

Polygence students report acceptance rates 2-5x the national average at top institutions

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Increased scholarship awards

Polygence alumni students received $15K more in scholarships than the national average

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Greater confidence

84% of our alumni say work with their mentor made them feel more optimistic and in control of their academic future

Polygence Program Bundles

Launchpad Program

Core Program

Premium Showcasing Support

The Core Polygence Program

The Polygence core program consists of 10 one-on-one sessions between the student and mentor. The program is structured around 3 Milestones in addition to regular assignments to ensure students make steady progress on their project. Given the diversity of projects, these milestones are designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate any and all types of projects.

Would you like to get a clear sense of your academic interests and explore career paths? Are you ready to get professional support for showcasing you work? Check out our program add-ons through the interactive toggles below!

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Polygence and the Gifted and Talented Institute transferable credit program

We are proud to partner with the pre-collegiate Gifted and Talented Institute (GATI) at a top US research university to allow students the opportunity to apply to a research writing program for the chance to earn 3 academic credits.

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