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Polygence Core Program

Explore your unique research interest

with a hand-picked expert mentor

Why Do our Core program?

Your Passion, Your Project

Are you ready to explore your own unique passion in-depth?

The Core program is designed to be structured, but flexible. We pair you with a specially chosen mentor in your area of passion.

Together, you will go deep, and you will finish with a deeper understanding of your area, a strong foundation in how to conduct academic research, and a unique project outcome that they you can share with the world.

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In this program you will...

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Dive deep with a mentor

  • Ten one-on-one sessions with a mentor selected for their expertise in the project’s subject matter

  • Three flexibly designed Project Milestones to keep students on track

  • Regular assignments from the expert mentor to create structure and guidance for students towards their expressed goals


Showcase Your Work

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Receive the support you need

  • Two rounds of Writing Feedback support for any written materials

  • [Optional] Explore potential project topics with expert mentors in various fields

  • [Optional] Receive college credit through exclusive partnership with UCIxGATI

Who is the Core Program For?

The Core Program is best for students who:

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Have already cultivated a strong idea for what they want to research and need mentorship on how to structure their work and research

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Are ready for a rigorous, self-driven project experience with an expert mentor

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Want to create a tangible project outcome that they can publish or present independently with the use of self-service showcasing resources

The Core program will help you...

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  • Validate your preferred college major and/or career choice

  • Understand the basics of academic research and writing

  • Create a tangible outcome to showcase your research interests and passions to future colleges, employers and more

Work with expert mentors like...

We have built a network of over 2000 mentors from world renowned educational institutions, specializing in every field you can imagine:

ross greer research project mentor

Ross Greer

PhD Candidate in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Ross Greer is a PhD Candidate in Electrical & Computer Engineering studying Intelligent Systems, Robotics, and Control at the University of California, San Diego. 

Logan pearce

Logan Pearce

PhD candidate in Social Psychology at Princeton University

Logan Pearce is completing her PhD in Social Psychology at Princeton University. Before Princeton, she earned her B.S. in Symbolic Systems, an interdisciplinary major spanning computer science, psychology, linguistics, and philosophy, from Stanford University in 2020. 

Smiling student with gray background


Doctoral Candidate at Stanford University

Chelsea Harder is a mixed methods researcher completing her Doctorate at Stanford University. She is an expert in Sensory Culture.

Polygence Program Bundles

Launchpad Program

Core Program

Premium Showcasing Support

The Core Polygence Program

The Polygence core program consists of 10 one-on-one sessions between the student and mentor. The program is structured around 3 Milestones in addition to regular assignments to ensure students make steady progress on their project. Given the diversity of projects, these milestones are designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate any and all types of projects.

Would you like to get a clear sense of your academic interests and explore career paths? Are you ready to get professional support for showcasing you work? Check out our program add-ons through the interactive toggles below!

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Polygence and UCI x Gifted and Talented Institute (GATI) college credit program

We are proud to partner with the pre-collegiate Gifted and Talented Institute at University of California Irvine, one of the top US research universities, to award 3 college credits for research papers written in our mentorships.

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Our past students say it best...

[My project] was my first time in high school where I felt like a real engineer. It also helped me shape what exactly I want to be doing as an engineer around innovation and creating my own projects, instead of following a blueprint.

The idea that you can do anything, or you can have an effect on a really big problem…that’s something I developed through Polygence and with my mentor.

Polygence Student

[My mentor] wanted to know what I'm interested in. He also talked about what he's interested in, so it was almost like talking to a friend, but he's a mentor as well, and he gave me so much advice...He was someone that encouraged me throughout my entire journey and helped me to stay motivated. He made me feel so proud of myself for working on the project, as well.