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Technology and Analytics’ Effect on the Changes in Hockey Gameplay

Project by Polygence alum Jay

Technology and Analytics’ Effect on the Changes in Hockey Gameplay

Project's result

Investigated technology and Analytics’ Effect on the Changes in Hockey Gameplay

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Project Description: This is a paper on hockey analytics and the effect they’ve had on the gameplay in hockey. This paper will look at the evolution of hockey since the 1990s and how analytics have affected the sport to make the gameplay better through player evaluation, game pace, and player development.

Abstract: Analytics, along with technological advancements, has affected the building of teams in regard to the salary cap and the draft. This has led to a faster pace of the game, as they have modified scoring strategy and gameplay. Moreover, analytics and technological advancements have assisted in player development through post-game analysis and sport-testing. Based on the research, future generations of hockey will be strongly impacted by the utilization of analytics.



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MS Master of Science candidate


Literature, Computer Science, Quantitative


Sports Analytics




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