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Philosophy of Time

Project by Polygence alum Morgan

Philosophy of Time

Project's result

I wrote a research paper and am currently trying to get it published. I also shared my learnings on Polygence's 2024 spring symposium.

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This project is about the theories regarding the reality of time. It specifically defends the McTaggart thesis that time is unreal. It proves that time is a man-made concept for an artificial phenomenon rather than a naturally occurring phenomenon. This study proposes a new version of the McTaggart theory in which time and space are intertwined. It demonstrates the connection between time and space by describing experiments executed in the past. It also defines other laws of the universe and relates them to time. This illustrates how the concept of time does not connect to a full description of reality. By doing this, this paper effectively persuades the reader that time does not exist.

Arnel Blake

Arnel Blake

Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy


Psychology, Literature, Social Science


Epistemology, feminist philosophy, philosophy of language, philosophy of psychology, and philosophy of science




Graduation Year


Project review

“I had a great experience with my project. With the help of my mentor, I read many different theories on the philosophy of time including McTaggart, Dummett, Lowe, Falvey. It definitely sparked my interests in philosophy and metaphysics.”

About my mentor

“Arnel Blake Batoon was a great mentor! He gave me relevant papers and philosophers to research which helped me write this paper. He also guided me on how to form a paper and taught me research skills that I will use in college and beyond.”