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Duolingo App for Java

Project by Polygence alum Joseph

Duolingo App for Java

Project's result

An app that teachers Java.

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Joseph is building a Duolingo-esque learning app that will instruct other students on the fundamentals of the Java programming language. Joseph learned Java through an AP Computer Science A curriculum and is looking to share what he learned with other high school students like himself. In this app, a student will see a course curriculum and progress through the Java "journey" by completing content and exercises. There will also be checkpoints and mini-quizzes to test learning and understanding before allowing progression to the next module. Joseph will be building this app through React Native, JavaScript, and potentially using a Java backend.



Polygence mentor

MBA Master of Business Administration


Business, Computer Science


Computer Science, Frontend Engineering, Product Management




Graduation Year


Project review

“Everything was amazing.”

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“He helped me through the project with the different languages.”