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Assessing how emotional intelligence affects a person's lifestyle and well-being

Project by Polygence alum Janani

Assessing how emotional intelligence affects a person's lifestyle and well-being

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I developed a questionnaire to assess people's emotional intelligence. It includes questions about how often people feel certain emotions, how aware they are of their emotions, how well they control them, and whether or not they feel they need to improve in these areas. This questionnaire was designed to quantify a person's emotional intelligence and assess how different factors may be affected by how emotionally intelligent someone is. After administering my survey, I analyzed the data which yielded several interesting conclusions. 1) I had a strong intension that the main stimulus of anger would be other human beings. But, after the analysis, I found that it was social media platform that happen to be the strongest stimulus that provokes human’s anger. 2) There is a connection between memory and emotions experienced. Every time you try to remember something, there is always an emotion that comes along with it, and that emotion you experience at the very moment brings up all other memories linked with this particular emotion. 3) The perception of thought and the perception of emotion are the great powers of a conscious brain. Do you think your life is complex now or do you think it was much simpler then? The two words, complex and simple, eventually tell the way you perceive thoughts in life. And the perception of emotion is something that is experienced after a particular thought, so if the thoughts were perceived in better and more positive ways, there is very high probably of experiencing positive emotions, which will direct towards appropriate actions. So, there should be two perceptions before any actions.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy


Psychology, Neuroscience


psychology, neuroscience





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Project review

“The program was engaging and always kept my mind under construction, building new ideas for the project. It has helped me speak fluently about the emotions and well-being of people without any hesitation.”

About my mentor

“Evan helped me narrow my research topic and guided me throughout the project. I learned tools of quantitative analysis that will help me in approaching any research project in the future. His suggestions and corrections kept me on the right path to complete the project and suceed.”