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Processed Meat Carcinogen Warning Labeling

Project by Polygence alum Evie

Processed Meat Carcinogen Warning Labeling

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Not enough is being done to address carcinogens in processed meat, which is a problematic discrepancy in comparison to other class one carcinogens. This paper will describe the steps that need to be taken and why. Paper will discuss the following: -Dangers of carcinogens generally, and specifically issues with processed meats -Similar regulations that have been imposed historically -The financial burden of cancer, and specifically cancer caused by processed meats, and how this proposed regulation will lessen these costs -How to enforce this regulation -Sample policy/law text -Arguments against this regulation and why it is still useful in spite of them



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JD Juris Doctorate


Business, Social Science


Education Law, Civil Rights Law, Training, Crisis Response, Title IX




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“My mentor was extremely helpful and exceeded my expectations. In addition, this project really got me thinking more about the things I learned in my everyday life, not just in relation to this project.”

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“My mentor was extremely helpful and I couldn't have done this paper without him.”