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Learning Quantum Computing with Python!

Project by Polygence alum Laxya

Learning Quantum Computing with Python!

Project's result

We created a complete tutorial series on introducing Quantum Computers for beginners and illustrated examples in Python! We also have a Github link that shows the code assembled for Quantum Algorithm Simulations. Along with that all the videos are on our Youtube channel, and the video slides are on our shared drive!

They started it from zero. Are you ready to level up with us?


In modern-day society, there is access to numerous sources to learning databases for various topics on the web for free, but is there always a helping hand to help get you started? For certain complex but beautiful topics like Quantum Computers and Quantum Algorithms, trying to get a grasp and understand them might seem difficult, but it really isn't! The goal of this project is to help fulfill a student's passion for learning a topic like this, in the form of a video tutorial series on youtube! The tutorial series dives deep into a series of substantial questions. Why is Quantum Computing more efficient than Classical Computing? What does it mean for a quantum computer to be “faster” than a classical computer? What types of algorithms can run faster on a quantum computer than on a classical computer? We plan to prove these claims of the increased efficiency of Quantum Computing by studying Deutsch’s Algorithm, one of the first Quantum Computer Algorithms developed.

Efficiently, the tutorials solidify the understanding of Quantum Algorithms by developing an understanding of Quantum mechanics and its description of physical systems. Now to integrate my Computer Science passions into this project, the video tutorials implement the learning of Quantum Algorithms through the programming language Python in the Google Collab IDE, and I go through various step-by-step processes of coding certain Quantum Algorithmic Simulations. Conveniently, the person watching the series doesn't need to have a pre-requisite knowledge of Quantum Mechanics or Python, just a growth mindset, as everything gets taught from the scratch! As a result, this aspect brings uniqueness to this project intending to help others learn such an interesting subject through the scope of computer science!



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Physics, Computer Science


Quantum and Strong-field Physics, Modeling and Simulation, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics




Hello! My name is Laxya Kumar and my Polygence project is on Learning Quantum Computers through Python! I chose to work on this project because of my passion for computer science, and the unique aspect I implemented on this project to be a tutorial series to help benefit others learning. After my project is complete, I would like to present it at the Symposium, but moreover spread impact on learners interested in the realm of Quantum Computers.


Monta Vista High School

Graduation Year


Project review

“I really want to say that I had the best mentor ever, he really helped me understand and like the topic of the project we were working on!”

About my mentor

“Ian truly helped me understand the topic through and through, and proposed such unique ideas that helped every aspect of my project!”