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Increasing Cervical Cancer Screening Access for Women in Nigeria

Project by Polygence alum Odira

Increasing Cervical Cancer Screening Access for Women in Nigeria

Project's result

The outcome of this project is to provide information about the issue to any interested readers. Odira published the paper to ResearchGate and Research Archive of Rising Scholars.

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Women in Nigeria need better access to cervical screening in order to prevent a higher and increasing rate of cervical cancer mortality within Nigeria. It is estimated that 14,000 women are diagnosed every year while there are 8,000 deaths from cervical cancer making it the second most diagnosed cancer in women. When cervical screening is increased and improved awareness for women becomes increased with the potential of decreasing cervical cancer. There is a lesser screening rate among the poor communities in Nigeria. This is why I ask the question, Can we decrease cervical cancer mortality rates by increasing access to cervical cancer screening to women in Nigeria? I plan on using information from at least 10 peer-reviewed articles. The 10 articles will be about cervical screening and increasing access for women in Nigeria to cervical screening.



Polygence mentor

MPH Master of Public Health


Languages, Medicine, Neuroscience, Biology


Clinical research, specifically pediatric cardiology, rare genetics, addiction, and social determinants of health. Also Spanish literature





Meade High

Graduation Year


Project review

“I loved my experience with polygence, it was a very helpful and a guiding experience all the way through.”

About my mentor

“My mentor Jacqueline was wonderful, she showed me the way and always communicated and stayed in touch with me whenever on the project and would always assure me and never made me feel down or anxious.”