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Cybersecurity Policies and International Relations: The Case of the US and Iran

Project by Polygence alum Ryan

Cybersecurity Policies and International Relations: The Case of the US and Iran

Project's result

Presented in Polygence's 5th Symposium of Rising Scholars and published in the Journal of Student Research.

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One area of increased attention for defense departments around the world is the area of cybersecurity. This paper takes two very different players in cybersecurity--the US and Iran--to outline their general approaches, find areas of potential conflict, and outline potential policy proposals to avoid confrontation in the future. In this sense, this paper makes a wider contribution to the many ways in which states are pursuing cyber goals today and also contributes to the discussion of how even non-allied states might work together in this sphere.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy




Cold War, History of Empire, Germany, Modern Europe, History of Technology




Hello! My name is Ryan Aminloo and my Polygence project revolved around cybersecurity and the debacle it presents between the US and Iran. The upper echelons of each state have proposed their foreign policies and how they intend to instigate their own practices in the cyber domain utilizing revolutionary advancements in technology. My work is now published with the Journal of Student Research!


Portola High School

Graduation Year