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Computer Science Portfolio

Project by Polygence alum Lily

Computer Science Portfolio

Project's result

Lily created a GitHub portfolio!

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Lily came to Polygence with little coding experience and wanting to do a few simple projects. Together, her and her mentor, Manuka, decided to create a portfolio of small projects, including a game and an animation. Both of these projects emphasized the general fundamentals of Python programming and Computer Science. Each week, Lily worked independently on one part of the code. Then in her sessions, she and Manuka would review the code together and work on making it more efficient. The project culminated into a portfolio on GitHub to showcase Lily's work and allow her to share it with friends and family.



Polygence mentor

Industry expert


Biology, Neuroscience, Computer Science


Coding, Python, Games



Lily is a middle school student from Beijing, China.


I am in middle school now, and my school is Internal School of Beijing(ISB)

Project review

“I liked this experience a lot since it was super fun and I got to learn how to code basic things during my time with Polygence.”