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The Origins of Discrimination Pertaining to All Kinds

Project by Polygence alum Chelsea

The Origins of Discrimination Pertaining to All Kinds

Project's result

This was a research project meant to spread awareness about the hardships many face due to the fact that they are different according to our society.

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In this paper, I will talk about the nature of discrimination and the many struggles it has caused through the years. The first question to be asked is about how far back discrimination goes. When did it begin? Then, after we find its historical origin, the next question is to understand all of the different forms, variants, and manifestations of discrimination - including racism between races, as well as racism within a race, sexism, religious discrimination, and so on. Third, after identifying different forms of racism, I will look at various arguments or justifications people have provided in favor of discrimination. Finally, I will show why those arguments are wrong, demonstrating why discrimination has always been unjust.



Polygence mentor

JD Juris Doctorate candidate


Social Science, Arts


Philosophy, Law, Social Sciences




Graduation Year


Project review

“Getting to know my mentor was the best part, especially because we were very similar in terms of goals and thought processes for what was expected for the paper.”

About my mentor

“He provided very good feedback and was very kind.”