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QPy - A Quantum Circuit Simulator using Python

Project by Polygence alum Anoushka

QPy - A Quantum Circuit Simulator using Python

Project's result

GitHub code base, Research paper and Symposium presentation

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Quantum computers exploit the properties of quantum mechanical systems to process information exponentially faster than classical computers. States of quantum computers are represented by high-dimensional matrices and can be simulated (with exponential overhead) by classical computers. I am coding a Python-based quantum circuit simulator, QPy, that will keep track of the quantum state of a model quantum computer by performing the matrix calculations associated with applying quantum gates to the qubits. The program will effectively track the math behind the scenes at each stage of an implemented algorithm. Once this simulator is completed, it can be used to implement a variety of interesting quantum protocols.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy


Computer Science, Physics


quantum computing, quantum mechanics, computational physics, electromagnetism, computer science, machine learning, scientific visualization




Hello! My name is Anoushka and my project was building a quantum circuit simulator that tracks the back-end math of quantum algorithms. I chose this topic to better understand the nuances of quantum computation and to understand what makes quantum computers so computationally powerful. After this project I would like to continue to delve into quantum computation as it is certain to be a huge part of our future.

Graduation Year


Project review

“I learned a lot more about quantum computing than I expected; I delved into the nuances of quantum programming and algorithms and what better way to do that than by building a simulator for it!”

About my mentor

“My mentor was knowledgable at every step and often simplified core concepts to help me understand them better. He helped me set core deadlines for the project which helped the development cycle very smooth. We also spent numerous hours debugging pieces of code which was incredibly helpful to my learning process. He provided me with tougher reading material to strengthen my concepts and brought his expertise of quantum computing into supporting me.”