The Influence of User-Generated Content on Brand Perception in Social Media Shopping - Cross-Cultural Analysis

Project by Polygence alum Gretel

The Influence of User-Generated Content on Brand Perception in Social Media Shopping - Cross-Cultural Analysis

Project's result

The review identifies several outcomes: there is a significant link between user-generated content (UGC) and brand perception, with the impact of UGC varying greatly depending on cultural context. Influencers who share cultural similarities with their audience tend to produce more relatable and genuine content, which boosts brand loyalty and engagement. For brands, understanding and leveraging cultural nuances is vital in international markets. Aligning influencer programs with the cultural values and preferences of the target audience helps build stronger relationships, reduces the risk of cultural insensitivity, and leads to more significant and enduring marketing results.

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Recognizing how user-generated content (UGC) affects customer behavior is essential for companies looking to improve their marketing approaches. By comprehending the impact of user-generated content (UGC) on brand perception and purchase decisions, businesses can tailor their methods to engagement and content to better connect with their target audience. This research examines the traits of influencers—such as their ethnic backgrounds—that help to mold the perceptions of consumers and the identity of brands. In general, the objective is to produce insightful information about how influencers affect online shopping in diverse cultural contexts. Businesses can create more impactful and culturally sensitive marketing strategies that improve client engagement and loyalty by examining these aspects.



Polygence mentor

MBA/PhD Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Philosophy




consumer behavior, sustainable consumption, digital marketing, marketing research, international marketing, branding, web design, social media marketing




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“My project significantly contributed to my intellectual growth. It not only helped me determine my college major but also sparked a profound passion for marketing. Over the course of five months, every step was crucial in ensuring that my final research project was comprehensive and complete.”

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“Apollo served as my mentor throughout the project, providing invaluable support and guidance. He demonstrated exceptional patience, always taking the time to address all of my questions and concerns. In addition to his supportive nature, Apollo possessed extensive knowledge in this field, which he generously shared to help me deepen my understanding and enhance my work. His expertise and willingness to assist were instrumental in my development and success.”