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Personal Finance Guide for Beginners

Project by Polygence alum Anna

personal finance

Project's result

Anna wrote an essay and published it on her personal website. She is also planning to publish it on her school's website.

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After graduation, many people get their first formal job and start making money, but only a small percentage of young adults have the intention to manage their savings. With an interest in economics and finance, Anna came to Polygence looking for a more personal learning experience. To further her understanding on how different areas of finance influence one's life consumption, she created a life consumption plan for a hypothetical person and produced a paper. Anna's project provides an overview of topics related to personal finance, covering tax and benefits, tax deferred savings, interest rates, cost of living, investing, insurance, and housing.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy


Social Science, Quantitative


Economics, Statistics




Anna is a 16 year-old high schooler from Southborough, MA.


Brimmer and May

Graduation Year


Project review

“I did a project with my mentor, Jeff, and it was a one of a kind experience that strengthened my interest in economic and finance. Jeff was really helpful in terms of making things easier to understand by providing examples. I got to choose the topics I wanted to explore on and present my work in my essay. We went over the things I had questions on every session, and discussed about interesting topics other than the ones we focused on. I highly recommend working with mentors on Polygence because they offer project-based learning on the decision and interest of the student.”