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Analysing the Multi-Faceted Process of 3-link Robot Arm Simulation

Project by Polygence alum Arya

Analysing the Multi-Faceted Process of 3-link Robot Arm Simulation

Project's result

Will present project at Symposium of Rising Scholars.

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The simulation of robot arms are an integral component of robotics engineering as they allow us to test and alter conditions of the system and troubleshoot errors. This paper outlines the process of constructing a 3-link robot simulation, from the basic concepts to the main algorithm. The different shapes of graphs produced by varying different parameters (i.e. number of obstacles, location, coefficients)are also analyzed to determine the main contenders influencing an algorithm’s success. The efficiency and drawbacks of given parameters and algorithms are also analyzed to create a paper that provides a comprehensive view of the simulation process and potential keys for exploration. Individuals seeking an improved understanding of robot arms and their algorithms and potential applications shall benefit from this report.



Polygence mentor

MSE Master of Science in Engineering candidate


Physics, Engineering, Computer Science


Robotics, aerodynamics, system design, drones, structures, programming, computer vision





Bloor Collegiate Institute (TOPS Program)

Graduation Year


Project review

“Expectations met: The mentor guided me through the concepts by providing various resources (ie videos, lectures, papers). Exceeded: My mentor completed parts of the code so that I could focus on the concept as opposed to the code. ”

About my mentor

“My mentor was very helpful in guiding me through the process of completing the project. He helped me understand the algorithm and completed parts of the code. He also provided suggestions on topics I could include in my final paper.”