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Comparison of symbrachydactyly and the phocomelia of cleft lip and palate

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Comparison of symbrachydactyly and the phocomelia of cleft lip and palate

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Research Paper, The Symposium of Rising Scholars

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Symbrachydactyly, caused by genetic and vascular causes, requires surgery and therapy to improve hand function. Unlike phocomelia with cleft lip and palate, which is commonly caused by maternal teratogen exposure, it requires orthopedic, plastic, and oral-maxillofacial surgery, as well as speech therapy and dental assistance. This research paper compares symbrachydactyly and phocomelia with cleft lip and palate. Through a review of clinical characteristics, etiology, and multidisciplinary management approaches, this research highlights the distinct challenges posed by each condition to improve our understanding of symbrachydactyly, phocomelia, cle­ft lip, and palate. By providing healthcare providers with informed decision-making tools and a holistic perspective for patients and their families, our comparative­ analysis seeks to advance knowledge regarding these­ conditions. This will improve patient outcomes, elevate­ quality of life, and foster compassionate management of these conge­nital challenges.



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