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Children's physics comic

Project by Polygence alum Yingjing

Children's physics comic

Project's result

An educational physics picture book called Living with Physics

They started it from zero. Are you ready to level up with us?


Physics education is extremely important to children; almost every single person feels curious about nature when they are a child. However, physics is considered to be hard and convoluted to many students when they start learning it. I would like to spark the interest in physics among children by drawing a physics picture book and connecting physics to children’s day-to-day lives, helping them gain an exposure to physics and correct general misconceptions towards physics concepts. The picture book consists of three main topics: kinematics, energy, and forces, and includes many drawings in a cartoonish style to be kid-friendly.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Arts, Physics, Chemistry


Physics, mathematics, chemistry, visual arts, design, biomechanics




Hello! My name is Minnie Jia, and my Polygence project is an educational picture book for children explaining some of the most fundamental concepts in classical physics. I hope to help kids gain an exposure to physics at a young age and discover how physics is not at all abstract. I published my physics picture book on Amazon so that people of all ages will be able to access it!


Beijing 101 Middle School

Graduation Year


Project review

“The help my mentor provided met my expectations.”

About my mentor

“She revised the project for me plenty times and gave me advices that are feasible.”