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Chief Marketing Officer: From student to International C-Suite

Project by Polygence alum Mariah

Chief Marketing Officer: From student to International C-Suite

Project's result

I completed a Research Paper

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Mariah is outlining educational pathways and international experiences that can prepare an individual for an International CMO career. A profile of a successful Chief Marketing Officer and the path they take to grow their career. In particular, we are using the college majors of various successful CMOs, vital hard & soft skills, and the advantages of theoretical and practical experience when studying abroad. In addition to looking at a CMO's skillset and career, Mariah will demonstrate how the success of a CMO depends on the ability to work with and influence others. This paper will take a deep dive into the importance of international experiences’ role in supplying CMOs with skills that can attract and retain a target market as well as stakeholders.



Polygence mentor

MS Master of Science


Social Science, Business


Business management, digital transformation, people operations




Hi! My name is Mariah. I enjoy relaxing & spending time with friends and family during my free time. I am excited to begin my journey at Polygence. My research project interests are Market Research & Economics.

Graduation Year