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Virtual Rocket Launch

Project by Polygence alum Aayod

Virtual Rocket Launch

Project's result

Aayod coded a website to simulate rocket launches based on a variety of parameters, including different kinds of rockets, fuel, thrust time, and more.

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Aayod came to Polygence aspiring to be an aerospace engineer. He had always loved rockets, and had been building them from kits since a young age. For his Polygence project, he created a website where children can learn more about rockets, while also making it enjoyable for them through animations and simulations. With just one year of coding experience, Aayod displayed extreme motivation and a vision for what he wanted.



Polygence mentor

Industry expert


Computer Science


computer science: algorithms, data structures, fundamentals, etc, web development, front end and back end development, machine learning




Aayod is an 18 year-old high school student from Collegeville, Pennsylvania.



Project review

“Overall, I think it was a great learning experience for me. Adiyan really taught me a lot of the computer science basics, which was a challenging feat to accomplish. He was there to guide me along the way and answer my questions.”