Learning from the Master: A Conceptual Drawing

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate
Literature, Creative Writing, History, Journalism, Humanities, Social Sciences
Art History, French and Francophone literature and poetry, English literature, Cultural Studies, Sensory Studies, Creative Writing
Project description

Israel's project focused on Leonardo da Vinci: the Scientist, the Inventor, the Artist. He studied da Vinci's legacy and interrogated the perspectives da Vinci represents today. His study took a holistic approach as Israel both read academic articles and followed da Vinci's lead in keeping a notebook/sketchbook to think through the ideas that were presented in his research.

Learning from the Master: A Conceptual Drawing
Project outcome

Israel's final project was a conceptual drawing that intersects the different facets of da Vinci through his own interpretation.

Check out his drawing!
Student background

Israel is a 17 year-old high school student from Phoenix, AZ.

Student review

In regards to my mentor and the program, I really enjoyed my time as a whole. It's not often that you get to study something you actually enjoy with a PhD graduate--or rather a friend because even after weeks of working together, you can really start to appreciate each other.

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