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How important are the social benefits of laughter for patients in palliative care?

Project by Polygence alum Sanaa

How important are the social benefits of laughter for patients in palliative care?

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Unfortunately, many seriously-ill patients struggle with loneliness and isolation when battling their sickness. However, there are certain ways to combat and alleviate these difficulties within palliative care. One such way that isn’t sufficiently explored yet is through shared laughter. Exploring the psychological and social aspects of laughter reveals how it is vital in developing positive interpersonal relationships and improving emotional well-being. The purpose of this research paper is to determine how shared laughter and its social benefits can increase the quality of care for patients in palliative care. Moreover, examining current and future implementation of laughter-based activities in a palliative care setting can facilitate the powerful effects of laughter in creating a supportive and positive social environment for struggling patients.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy


Quantitative, Psychology


Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, Emotions, Health, Well-being, Meditation, Social Relationships, Prosocial Behavior, Culture, Social Class, Economic Inequality, Political Polarization




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