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Investigating the Efficacy of AI-Powered Innovations in Cardiovascular Healthcare

Project by Polygence alum Nehal

Investigating the Efficacy of AI-Powered Innovations in Cardiovascular Healthcare

Project's result

Finished research review paper on AI's intervention in cardiovascular healthcare getting published to International Journal of High School Research (IJHSR)

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Cardiovascular disease (CVD) claims millions of lives annually and remains a persistent global health challenge, representing a major public health concern and the leading cause of mortality worldwide. This predicament necessitates continuous research and vigilant preventive measures. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical cardiology has advanced significantly over time, introducing innovative solutions aimed at improving patient care and diagnoses. Although they are mere prototypes, these modalities have shown remarkable promise in the detection of CVD. This review delves into the historical evolution of AI, its specific interventions in the field of cardiology, the potential future alternatives it offers, and current challenges in its clinical application. By examining the adoption of AI in cardiology, this review contributes to the existing literature on technologies to combat the pervasive impact of cardiovascular diseases on a global scale.



Polygence mentor

MD Doctor of Medicine candidate


Medicine, Biology


Clinical medicine of all topics, ophthalmology, oncology, cardiology, pulmonology




Hi, I'm Nehal! I worked with Polygence to explore the various kinds of machine learning applications in cardiovascular healthcare. In the modern world, AI is a powerful gateway that opens up unlimited avenues to enhance the healthcare industry. My passion drove me to to identify the different machine learning technologies being used to aid in slowing the death toll of cardiovascular disease, the #1 cause of death worldwide. I also aimed to address the ways that artificial intelligence could influence preventative measures in the future. Following the completion of my project, I would like to publish to multiple student-run journals and present at a symposium. Utilizing the skills I learned from this program, I would like to continue to participate in future research projects and excel in my academic life.

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“My mentor's guidance and advice exceeded my expectations.”

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“My mentor was very kind and helpful throughout my project, providing an adequate backbone and structure to my whole paper while assisting me in following my vision.”