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Resource Administrator A.I.

Cesar is a 20 year-old college student from Lima, Peru.
High School
Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru
Student review
My experience with Polygence gave me the opportunity to lead a project that was unlike anything I had done before. It was a project that forced me to surpass what I thought were my limits, all while having a mentor who helped me by giving me advice and his honest opinion at every step of my journey. This experience helped me develop not only my CS skills, but also the skills required to truly develop a passion project.

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Project description

Cesar coded a Deep Q Network: a network that learns how to play a game designed and coded by the student. The A.I. plays through test iterations of the game by trying different strategies. Through this, it determines which strategy is best to use. The goal of this project was to test the limits of the performance of a Deep Q Network when given the task of administering several resources—all in an environment where random events force it to spend some of those resources.

Project outcome

Cesar uploaded his AI network to Github.

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Doctor of Philosophy
Astrophysics, Quantum
Particle colliders, Coding in physics, Dark matter