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Learn Your Car: Automotive Engineering Website

Project by Polygence alum Shrihan

Learn Your Car: Automotive Engineering Website

Project's result

Learn Your Car website was created from Wordpress and has officially been published for anyone to gain knowledge on cars. In addition, this website was featured in the September 2022 Symposium of Rising Scholars. I also plan to showcase my website at future conferences, blogs, opportunities with automotive companies, and more.

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Engineering systems in modern cars have become so complex that collecting and understanding information about them is exceedingly difficult. This research website, Learn Your Car, will eliminate search time by providing concise information in one convenient location. A modern car consists of three sections that are thoroughly engineered: the powertrain, chassis, and bodywork elements. Although modern cars' layouts and engineered components differ in numerous ways, they all share common characteristics with one another (such as engine structure, transmission, electric motor type, and more). My website is structured in a way that connects all these different engineered systems,and unites them into a common layout. For example, a user navigating this website may see that there are three different types of hybrid powertrains available, but their components like electric motors and batteries, are all composed of similar features. Using this approach, the user can interact with the various configurations of a modern car's layout, while understanding the essentials of each component and how they all form a common linkage with one other. From a single Google search, a reader can use this website to gain a deeper understanding on automotive engineering, the flow of all vehicle components working together, as well as the similarities and differences between them.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy


Physics, Chemistry, Engineering


Mechanical Engineering, Statics, Dynamics, 3D Printing, Materials Science




Hi! My name is Shrihan, currently a Junior at Dougherty Valley High School. My main interest is cars and my intended career path is in the automotive engineering field. This is why I chose to create and my publish my research website, Learn your Car. I hope you visit it and enjoy the experience! [learnyourcar.wordpress.com](https://learnyourcar.wordpress.com)


Dougherty Valley High School

Graduation Year


Project review

“My vision on all sections on my research website exceeded my expectations. I wanted to focus on the three main sections that a modern car consists of; powertrain, chassis, and bodywork elements. I met those goals by providing extensive amounts of information for each of those sections.”

About my mentor

“My mentor, Doug, instructed me through what needs to be implemented in my project and the information that needs to be corrected. He was helpful in teaching and clearing doubts about certain aspects of my research website, such as how automatic transmissions work. Without my mentor, information on my research website could have been inaccurate and misleading. Overall, my instructor has helped me structure my research project, allowed me to set flexible goals to meet upcoming deadlines, and enhanced my Polygence mentorship experience.”