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How can we ensure that AI systems are aligned with human values and ethical principles?

Project by Polygence alum Arushi

How can we ensure that AI systems are aligned with human values and ethical principles?

Project's result

Wrote a research paper on how AI could potentially be managed if it developed consciousness.

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AI systems are becoming increasingly prominent and ubiquitous in our daily lives. For example, one can find AI systems in social media and in large language models (ex. ChatGPT) used to predict user behavior and text input. While these AI systems can be useful, they still have problems aligning with our human values. This paper will conduct a systematic review of ethical AI design methods, and discuss instances where these design methods assisted AI in aligning with human values. Then we will discuss how AI developing human consciousness may change the implementation of these design methods. This paper provides a potential way to think about how to manage AI in the case it develops human consciousness.



Polygence mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Psychology, Social Science, Computer Science


human-computer interaction, social media, tech ethics, AI ethics, privacy, UX design, computer science, social psychology, cognitive psychology




Hello!! My name is Arushi and my Polygence project is on how to manage AI if it develops consciousness. I chose to work on this project because I find AI and data privacy really interesting. After this project is completed, I hope to continue learning more about AI ethics.

Graduation Year


Project review

“I was able to write a research paper that I probably wouldn't have been able to write on my own.”

About my mentor

“She was very helpful during the writing and revising process.”