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Effective leadership and communication in the workplace with Gen Z & Gen Alpha

Project by Polygence alum Whitney

Effective leadership and communication in the workplace with Gen Z & Gen Alpha

Project's result

Research Paper published on Medium

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Whitney is interested in exploring how communication styles of certain workplaces are more or less effective for younger generations, and understand how younger generations can be prepared for workplace communication with older generations. To do so, she will conduct qualitative surveys across small businesses in her town — asking both their employees and the managers on their perspectives of their current communication platforms, styles, and relationships across generations.



Polygence mentor

Industry expert




Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation, Branding, Copywriting, Demand Generation, B2B SAAS, Organizational Leadership




Hello! My name is Whitney Kay. My project is on the methodology of messages and how the youth (8-12) receives them. I chose to work on this project because I am interested in communications major in college. In the end, I would like to write a research paper.

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“I loved how the personal match with the mentor was very accurate and the scheduling and due dates for assignments were precise.”

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“Very responsive and communicative”